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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Cross correlated relaxation and insensitive nuclei direct detection for the study of biomolecular assemblies


In the last years cross correlation rates have been shown to be an avenue to investigate molecules with large molecular mass and to increase NMR performances in structural biology. Another perspective breakthrough is the direct detection of 13C and/or 15N n uclei. The project will develop new approaches based on the direct detection of 13C to measure cross correlation rates to push NMR frontiers in the investigation of large macromolecules. The focus of the project will be the understanding of the functional properties of CutA1 proteins. CutA1 are a family of copper binding proteins, occurring in different organisms, which are supposed to fulfil different functions in bacteria and in mammals. The protein in solution is a trimer of 12.000 MW each subunit and the multimeration seems to be copper-dependent.

The study of 36000MW copper protein in the oxidized paramagnetic form represents a challenge for NMR methodologies currently available. This project has both an academic and an industrial interest. On one hand, t he improvement of the NMR methodology, here proposed, will increase the capability of NMR to solve biological problems. On the other hand, all the techniques that will be developed will be applicable in the pharmaceutical industry (high throughput screening and drug design). Apart from the scientific objectives that are extensively explained in the project proposal, there is always an educational objective: forming a young scientist as a qualified NMR spectroscopist.

This training will be possible only within a work frame like that available at CERM: i.e. a large-scale laboratory with qualified personnel and excellent facilities. The expertise acquired during this project will allow the young researcher to tune this methodology in one of the structural biology laboratories in Spain.

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