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Lattice one boson exchange Models


The projects aims to make for the first time a full non perturbative treatment of the effective nuclear interaction via beson exchange based on a lattice simulation like those actually made for QCD. One Boson ExchangeModels are an effective modelization of the nucleón interaction that has proved its success in a great number of tests, but that nevertheless is not able (with present calculations) to give a reasonable picture of the binding energies for nuclei with more than two particles. This is possibly because of the needed approximations that could spoil the results.

We project a study of the currently used approximations of relativistic equations of state such as BetheSalpeter, the called ladder approximation will be made, with an evaluation of the biases introduced by such approximations. Something that is only possible once one have a solution without perturbative biases, an unrivalled position being the lattice calculations. With the non perturbative tools on one's hand, the calculation of light nuclei bind ing energies is straight forward and we could have a solution for the current under binding problem in few body nuclear physics. As lattice calculations for One Boson Exchange Models on the lattice (LOBEM) are quite cheap (in machine time, when compared to the QCD ones) one could think of going to a rather high number of fermion bound states, that is, nuclei with fifty or more nucleons, something far away of the current ten or so with approximate (and biased, as known) ladder calculations. Moreover, the calculation of far of the drop lines nuclei, can be an interesting application of these calculations, something very interesting at present for the nuclear community.

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