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Organisation and hosting of the EU presidency conference bridging the gap 2004: information for action


Successful environmental policies need to be underpinned by relevant and reliable information. There is often a gap, however, between the information available from research and monitoring, and that needed for sound policymaking. The conference Bridging th e Gap: Information for Action will aim at closing that gap. The Conference will be one of the major environmental events of Ireland's EU Presidency. It will be particularly relevant to policymakers, to those engaged in organising research or monitoring, an d to those involved in communicating environmental knowledge to policymakers and the public. Emerging issues such as integrated water and soil management (in line with the Johannesburg commitments) as well as land use for sustainable development will also be tackled during the conference by providing technical insights and case studies. In addition, earth observation will be considered as a tool for global change monitoring and reporting. These issues will be explored across the thematic sessions as appropr iate. Bridging the Gap: Information for Action will take a strategic look at the role of information in supporting policymaking and its implementation. It will evaluate progress made since the previous BTG conferences in London (1998) and Stockholm (2001). The Conference will: ? Highlight what kinds of information, presented in,which particular ways, have been most successful in promoting policy actions, their implementation and behavioural change; ? Illustrate how scientific, technological and policy devel opments can be used now to progress effective integration and action on the environment; ? Bridge the gap between European science, policy and practitioners on key specific and strategic issues; ? Consider the way forward for identifying priority research, monitoring and reporting requirements for emerging environmental issues and future challenges; ? Provide a forum for discussion of knowledge, technical expertise an#'

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