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Charge transfer at Nanofunctionalised Interfaces


The objective is to investigate charge transfer processes in three important nanoscale systems, using a range of novel measurement techniques, and to understand how charge transfer can be controlled and regulated by design at the nanoscale. Interfacial cha rge transfer is an essential aspect of nanoscale (molecular) electronics, and related fields, and there is currently much interest in organic, polymer and supramolecular systems as integral components in devices.

Three important nanoscale systems will be i nvestigated:
1) nanoparticle and conducting polymer/nanoparticle composite films;
2)supramolecular nanowires comprising redox-active metallo-cyclodextrin hosts and metalloguests with terpyridyl ligating units;
3) single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) devices.

Highlights of the programme include: examining the effect of organisation on the conductivity of nanostructured thin films using a novel combination of scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) in a Langmuir trough; functionalising surfaces with molecular wires and measuring the relationship between the force of chemical interaction in the wire and conductivity, using conducting-atomic force microscopy (C-AFM); making electrochemical sensors from individual SWNTs and probing their local reactivity with combined SECM-AFM. The proposed investigations will provide a unique opportunity to examine the relative merits of different types of nanoscale system and to carry out several types of new measurements and experiments, which could have a major impact worldwide.

The fellowship will provide an opportunity to collaborate and meet with some of the world and apos;s leading experts in interfacial nanoscale science, and to learn advanced skills in SECM, C-AFM and SWNTs, as well as extending and broadening my experience of methods for creating nanostructured interfaces. Such an opportunity would be extremely valuable for my ambition of gaining a full time academic post.

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