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Disseminating the integrated European census microdata


The overarching aim of the Disseminating Integrated European Census Microdata (DIECM) Database Study is to implement an Internet based dissemination system to make accessible to researchers and policy makers an integrated micro- and meta- data infrastruct ure, based on multiple rounds of population and housing censuses for at least 17 European countries. Thus, this project will address one of the major structural weaknesses of European social sciences research the absence of cross - national infrastructu re for access to comparable census micro and macro data. DIECM proposes to raise European research on partnership with the American and Canadian social sciences, where census microdata have been available for decades. Census microdata are an invaluable resource for social science research. A vast quantity of census microdata covering Europe in the period since the 1960s survives in machine-readable form. Most of these data, however, remain inaccessible to researchers. Grants from the National Institut es of Health and the National Science Foundation of the United States cover the costs of finding and preserving microdata and documentation, negotiating dissemination agreements, developing data cleaning and sampling procedures, creating data conversion software, and establishing design protocols for data and documentation. The present proposal seeks funding to make these micro and macro- meta data available for scholarly and educational research from a European webbased data dissemination access site , housed at the Centre destudis Demographics. This activity will enhance and promote usage of the European microdata, based on samples of over fifty Western and Eastern European censuses. With over fifty million persons residing in over twenty million ho useholds, the integrated European census microdata access system will offer broader chronological scope and greater sample densities than any alternative source.

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