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Safe production and use of nanomaterials


Today nanotechnology lets foresee many opportunities for new materials with significantly improved properties as well as revolutionary applications in large industrial fields. However nano-industry stakeholders are currently encountering great problems with hazard control in their plants. Because of their size, nanoparticles released in air cannot only lead to violent explosion but can also impact on the worker health.

The NANOSAFE2 project will hence develop and validate at industrial scale a complete hazard management strategy, including:
-innovative detection, traceability and characterization techniques for engineered nanoparticles covering the whole chain of some reference particles including production, conditioning, storage, transportation, transformation into final product, during product life and at the end of product life (disposal).
-a framework for obtaining conclusive toxicity data of generic interest of the reference particles and the development of new and cheaper rapid screening methods using in vitro techniques and in silico (computer simulation) models
-advanced technologies to limit both exposition to nanoparticles and leaks to environment by designing safe production equipment, handling automation, dynamic confinement, individual protection devices, filtration, etc.
-evaluate both societal and environmental impacts and contribute indirectly to new legislation and standardization measures relevant for nanoparticles, by involving regulatory bodies (members of CEN).

In order to achieve such ambitious goals, the NANOSAFE2 project will gather for a 4-years duration, 5 European industry leaders and 3 innovative SMEs which will share their expertise in production and integration of nanoparticles, supported by 13 research centres of excellence and EU-leader universities and 2 CEN members. 6 EU countries and 1 new member state (Slovenia) are represented within the consortium. NANOSAFE2 covers the whole "value-chain" of stakeholders.


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