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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Innovative processes and materials to synthesise knowledge-based ultra-performance nanostructured PVD thin films on gamma titanium aluminides


Due to its specific stiffness and strength, as compared to its low weight, Gamma-TiAl alloy is a promising material for automotive, energy and aerospace applications. However, its wider use is limited by its low sustainability to severe environmental attac k in oxidising, sulphidising, hot corrosion as well as insufficient wear and erosion resistance at elevated temperature. Based on similar requirements in the machining industry, the INNOVATIAL consortium is tackling the demand for innovative coatings that can withstand attack up to 1000 C by complex environments, providing long term immunity against damage due to wear and erosion. This IP has the ambition to synthesise ultra-performance nanoscale-structured PVD coatings, which can provide environmental prot ection of Gamma-TiAl in order to boost the application of Gamma-TiAl to high service temperatures and long dwell times, and investigate application on hard metals thanks to: - Scientific understanding of thin films for Ti-Al materials. - Development of new coatings: interface engineering, nanocomposites, superlattice coatings, intermetallic coatings, top coats (Me-oxy-nitride glazes, thermal barrier coatings) - Upgrade High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering for thin film production - Use of new characteris ation techniques for a complete microstructural characterisation at the sub-nanometre scale. Through horizontal and vertical integration, covering fundamental research, to demonstration and validation, the multidisciplinary consortium is integrating 10 ren owned research centres, academics, 15 representative industrials (producers of Gamma-TiAl alloys, technology providers and end-users) among which 6 high-tech SMEs. Strong impacts are expected, both economic (European leadership of job-coating industry , of Gamma-TiAl components, sustain machining industry) and societal (lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in vehicles, improve lifetime of components, withdraw cooling fluids in industry.


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