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Control and smart devices


Due to their capacity to propose a large functionality panel, thin polymer or polymer-like films have a huge potential to revolution the European citizen way of living. Recent studies are showing that polymeric film with controlled nanoscale features (thic kness, composition, porosity, roughness, surface structures or inclusions such as nanoparticles) can provide systems with radically new chemical or physical properties. On the other hand, market constraints make production rate a critical factor for produc t success. In traditional sectors such as large scale steel and glass surfaces manufacturing, coil coating, dip coating and spray techniques are actual fully industrialized and high volume processes. However, they all run at high thickness and without mast ering the nanostructure itself. Therefore, merging nanoscale precision with mass production constraints is a key challenge to open the door for new generations of high added value products. NAPOLYDE project targets this challenge throughout three objective s: 1. New process technologies: NAPOLYDE consortium will develop new technologies for polymer or polymer-like films deposition at nano-scale precision supporting mass production and environmental friendly requirements. It will include: Robust and scalable deposition technologies, Measurement instruments and design tools, Scale-up methodologies and know-how. 2. Enabling new properties for high added value products: Nanoscale precision will enable introduction and combination of advanced functionalities (high efficiency barriers, transparency, high porosity, anti-reflectivity, anti-scratch, light emission, super-hydrophobicity, anti- adhesion,..) into components included in every day products (airplanes, buildings, automobiles, mobile phones...). These breakth rough in high added value and functionality products will strengthen European competitiveness. 3. Targeting at maximum impact on EU citizen: Such technology could impact

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