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New sustainable compressor oil production and use; towards a long eco-efficient life cycle


Many times when a product, process or service is evaluated, the whole life cycle is not consistently consider, and although the unsustainability may be detected, no solutions are get in practice to promote a real sustainability. Part of the blame of this c ircumstance is due to the fact, that technical solutions, science developments and environmental measures do not go together. The aim of this integrated project is the optimisation of the new sustainable life cycle of an environmentally friendly, safe and human health compressor oil, taking into account all life phases and joining science, technology and environment disciplines, bringing to a less resources consuming and eco-efficient use industry. This approach includes the optimisation of initial life pha ses using glycerine from biodiesel as renewable resources and developing a clean production technology to transform it, in a polyglycerol esters derivate oil to be used in compressor applications. On the other hand, the optimisation will be completed takin g into account a traditionally no consider phase, the use phase, by designing an innovative compressor device base on micro/nano-materials to replace harmful antioxidant additives and to lengthen the oil life making it more efficient.The new knowledge obta ined from these activities will serve as input information to develop a ecoindicator based on biodegradability and toxicity measurements, which will fill the gap existing for a reliable environmental assessment of bio-lubricants.

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