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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Management and remediation of hazardous industrial wastes in the Western Balkan countries


The project aims at proposing management and remediation practices for hazardous industrial wastes in the 5 targeted Western Balkan Countries (WBC) considering their effects on the environment and on human health. It concerns principally wastes from coal m ining and coal processing plants, aluminium industry, and phosphate industry. The primary ore for these industries contains toxic substances that are concentrated in the industrial wastes. The harmful elements from industrial wastes may come in contact wit h the general public when they are dispersed in air or water, when they are dispersed on cultivated soils, or when they are used for concrete building products, or as disposal in engineered surface impoundments and landfills. The project will consider the environmental and the health risk resulting from the wastes and their by-products in their immediate neighbourhood - as it was a common use in the centralized economy to build living areas close to the plants -, the risk from dispersal in the environment p articularly through surface and groundwater, up to the absorption of toxic substances by agricultural and animal products and the contamination of the ecological chain. The project will propose management and remediation practices, aiming at minimizing ris k at waste disposal sites, in accordance with EU legislation, as well as an adapted legislation for waste management and environmental protection in the WBC, referring to the existing Directives of the European Union. The results of the project will be dis tributed a.o. through: a project website on the Internet, the organisation of a short course on waste management practices, by making risk assessment methodology and best practices available to students, civil servants and the society, by promoting the est ablishment of an environmental network in the WBC, initially comprising the project partners, later extended to additional partners.

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