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Ultra-Low CO2 steelmaking


This proposal to the 6FP is part of ULCOS, an initiative launched by the major players in the European Steel Industry and itsmain partners in other industries and academia (47 partners, 15 European countries). A related proposal, also part of theULCOS in itiative, was presented to the RFCS program as proposal RFCS-PR-03113. ULCOS is a major RTD program, which plans to find innovative and breakthrough solutions to decrease the CO2 emissions of the Steel industry. The context is the post-Kyoto era. The target is an expected reduction of specific CO2 emissions of 50% as compared to a modern Blast Furnace. Within 5 years, the project will deliver a concept process route, basedon iron ore, with a verification of its feasibility in terms of technology, eco nomic projections and social acceptability. It would be unrealistic today to choose among the candidate technologies that show potential for achieving this target, be-cause they are still tentative and the successful one will have to be selected on te chnical and non-technical criteria (futureenergy market, internalization of C2 mitigation costs in market prices, societal acceptance). The project hence starts by ex-amining a panel of technologies, which have passed a first prescreening but need to be investigated more closely. This ap-proach is believed to be the most efficient in terms of resources and lead-time necessary to develop the new technology. Examined in the first stage of the proposed stage-gate approach, are: (1) new carbon-based sme lting-reduction concepts,making use of the shaft furnace but also (2) of new less common reactors; (3) natural-gas based pre-reduction reactors be-yond state-of-the art technology; (4) hydrogen-based reduction using hydrogen from CO2-lean technologies; (5) direct pro-duction of steel by electrolysis, and (6) the use of biomass, which circulates carbon rapidly in the atmosphere. CO2 captureand storage (7) will be included in the design

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