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Wallturb: a european Synergy for the assessment of wall turbulence


The WALLTURB project is a challenging research program, completely in the objectives of the FP6 inAeronautics and of strong industrial interest at intermediate and long term.The global aim of WALLTURB is to bring in four years a significant progress in the understanding andmodelling of near wall turbulence in Boundary Layers. This goes through : - generating and analyzing new data on near wall turbulence, - extracting physical understanding from these data, - putting more physics in the near wall RANS mode ls, - developing better LES models near the wall, - investigating alternative models based on Low Order Dynamical Systems (LODS). To reach these objectives, the WALLTURB Consortium will take advantage of : - the recent progress in the experimental and nu merical approaches of turbulence, - the complementary skills of leading teams in Europeworking on turbulence. It will generate a large and original database, with recent and relevant data about near wall turbulence (from both experiments and DNS already available at the partners). This database will be shared by the partners to extract relevant physical data.The consortium will also generate new experimental and DNS data, allowing to assess Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer physics, wi th and without separation, to go in the common database.This database will be extensively used by all the partners to improve RANS, and LES near wall turbulence models and to develop a LODS/LES coupling near the wall.The work performed will allow to make a vailable new turbulence models based on a detailed physicalcharacterisation and to assess the relative merits and drawbacks of these models. These models will be assessedby two leading industrial in the field of aeronauticsTo summarise, WALLTURB will tak e advantage of some advanced experimental and numerical tools to improve and develop "Aerodynamics Advanced analytical and numerical models".

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