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On-board active safety system


The aim of the ONBASS project is to propose, analyse and develop the innovative Principle for Active System Safety (PASS) for aviation. Rather than just recording data during an aircraft's flight, in order to allow post-crash analysis to be carried-out, ON BASS proposes the analysis of available data in real time DURING the flight and reacting on them with the aim of accident PREVENTION. First, ONBASS is concerned with the formulation of the theoretical principles of aviation system safety: flightsafety (ris k) model, information flow model and control system model. These models make it possible to determine the scope of the applicability of ONBASS. Subsequently, analysis of the dependencies within and between the models will permit the definition of the featu res, functions and structures of the system, software and hardware. A comparison between the existing and the proposed system structure of aviation safety will be drawn-up with the aim of optimising the project's outcomes. To match this demand the scope is the following: 1. Further theoretical and conceptual development of the active safety principle and formation of theoretical models to analyse the limits of the principle's applicability 2. Research and development of basic fault tolerant hardware element s for the on-board part of the active safety system 3. Concepts, design and development of a resilient system software core for the active safety system In terms of the system software the main characteristics of ONBASS will be extremely high reliability, fault tolerant concurrency, recoverability of processed data, support mechanisms for real time fault detection, system reconfiguration in case of hardware fault or degradation, high performance and hard real time scheduling. In terms of system hardware the main characteristics of ONBASS will be highest possible reliability, recoverability, fault tolerance, thermal and vibration resistance and survivability and graceful mechanical degradation.

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