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Plezo brake actuator

Final Report Summary - PIBRAC (Piezo brake actuator)

The ultimate aim of the PIBRAC project was to study, design and test an innovative type of piezoelectric brake actuator, including power electronics and the control system. Its specific objective was - when compared with an Electrochemical actuator (EMA) - to have a weight reduced by a factor of two and a peak energy power demand divided by at least three and maximum five.

Two different configurations of piezoelectric motor structures were considered, namely rotational and linear. For the former configuration, two prototypes were built and tested while work for the linear one was limited to paper study.

PIBRAC yielded better performances than EMAs, which former actuators had a specific piezoelectric motor design with an f+2f normal mode electric excitation. Considering the amount of work to demonstrate the feasibility of the 2f mode implementation, as well as the limited project budget, it was decided to design and manufacture a simpler actuator equipped with an 1f design motor.

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