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Flight reynolds number testing (1)


Conventional wind tunnels face physical limits matching Reynolds and Mach number ranges. Cryogenic wind tunnels, operating at temperatures as low as -163°C and with variable pressures, allow a realistic simulation of flight Reynolds and Mach numbers hence allowing a highly accurate flow simulation at flight cruise conditions. For a highly accurate measurement a highly accurate model is mandatory. This also applies to the mounting devices needed for holding the model in the test section. However, since real aircraft have no mounting devices it is crucial to understand and to minimise the effect of these necessary devices. FLIRET's objective is to improve the accuracy of performance measurements at flight Reynolds number in cryogenic wind tunnels. The project focuses intentionally on model mounting techniques under cryogenic conditions. Model mounting devices have a significant influence on high Reynolds number performance measurements, which are currently compensated by empirical correction methods. It is assumed that an accurate prediction of the aerodynamic performance in cruise may allow for up to 10% improvement in present state-of-the-art aircraft design. FLIRET will investigate several model-mounting alternatives and compare the devices with existing state of the art stings. This includes · Designing and manufacturing of several model mounting devices (stings) · Appling and harmonising CFD and prediction tools including the necessary meshes · Analysing the test results of each FLIRET work package · Analysing the applied model quality, manufacturing and handling strategies · Deriving recommendations for the industrial testing in cryogenic tunnels A large proportion of FLIRET's budget is used for testing in the European Transonic Wind (ETW) tunnel, the only major cryogenic facility in Europe. FLIRET's results will allow utilising cryogenic technology more efficiently and, hence, will increase the competitiveness of the aeronautics industry.

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