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Fuel cell application in a new configured aircraft


For the next aircraft generation the pneumatic and hydraulic systems will be replaced step-by-step by electrical systems. The goal for the future is to find a highly efficient primary electric power source. Fuel cell systems have the potential to be a highly efficient system with a significantly reduction of fuel consumption and noise and gaseous emissions. As a drop in possibility the fuel cell application as emergency power supply will be investigated. A feasibility study will be carried out to clarify in which operational scenarios like stand by, continuously running or power storage the fuel cell system is able to work. The technical focus of the project is therefore the investigation of the technical capabilities of an existing fuel cell system under special aircraft operation conditions and the identification of the needs for an airworthy design. Investigations of the behaviour and limiting conditions of the fuel cell system in terms of different system parameters such as performance output, thermal management, mass flow, cooling and air supply will be carried out. For these investigations dynamic simulation models of a fuel cell stack and a kerosene reformer will be used and verified by tests as far as possible. The scientific approach is the investigation of the operational behaviour of the complete fuel cell system including kerosene reformer, fuel cell stack, air supply and all subsystems based on simulation models in terms of aircraft environment operational conditions, aircraft load conditions, thermal management, mass flow, performance, air supply and cooling. A study works out the differences between the current fuel cell systems and an airworthy design and describes the technical steps, which have to be done to develop an airworthy fuel cell power system. Another main focus is the development of all relevant safety and certification requirements for the fuel cell system.

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