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Gmes Europeanwide network assistance and coordination support


Objectives - increase the interest and involvement in GMES from the enlarged Europe, through incentive networking with relevant institutional organisations, - support information exchange within the GMES community and provide information through a public w eb site. To cope with both objectives, different actions are to be undertaken to: - identify institutional actors in new Member States and candidate countries, encourage and help concerned actors to cooperate more actively with the GMES community, establi sh constructive and long-standing contacts, - organise workshops to enhance collaboration between EC, ESA and national projects relevant to GMES, support planned events promoting GMES, - provide overall GMES information and develop a communication flow in close relationship with the GMES Programme Office (GPO). GENACS is organised in 3 work packages (WPs) for support activities and one for management and assessment. Work description and milestones WP1 - Support to GMES promotion in enlarged Europe Countri es - begins with a preliminary investigation of the targeted countries; the aim is to identify the main governmental actors at national or regional level. A second phase consists in establishing regular contacts to ensure exchange of information on GMES to promote the participation of these actors to GMES activities. This WP includes GENACS participation to 6 national events to present and illustrate the GMES initiative. WP2 - Support to information exchange to enhance GMES activities - consists of organis ing workshops on thematic or horizontal issues to gather the main stakeholders and supporting planned events promoting GMES, in the context of actions decided by the GPO. WP3 - Support to EC GMES communication - consists in an upgrade of the web site with new networking tools and pages. This WP includes information gathering and dissemination.

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