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Synthesis of aeronautical compliant mechanical systems

Final Report Summary - SYNCOMECS (Synthesis of aeronautical compliant mechanical systems)

The objective of 'Synthesis of aeronautical compliant mechanical systems' (SYNCOMECS) project was to build an integrated software, using inverse methods, for the design of aeronautical compliant mechanical systems from industrial specifications of functional requirements.

The design of these innovative systems poses unique challenges and necessitates the support of advanced prediction software tools since they should have adequate flexibility to undergo desired deformations under the action of applied forces and adequate stiffness to withstand external loading. The focus was to generate the topology and dimensions of a compliant mechanical system starting from input/output force/displacement functional requirements and design constraints. This problem is a non-linear optimisation problem of a non-linear mechanical system that may involve one or several flexible components.

In a general case, it involves optimisation, multi-body simulation and non-linear finite element analysis. The solution may be non-existent and, if it exists, not necessarily unique. Software developed is expected to be applied to aeronautical industrial problems.

R&D activities were executed in four steps. Firstly, a full specification of the system was made. The second step was the development of separate modules and the simultaneous preparation of benchmarking models. The third step was about the integration of the separate modules within the SYNCOMECS system. The fourth step has integrated the outcome from evaluation of the end-users. At this level, the interaction between developers and end-users has led to the final validation of an integrated environment for synthesis and analysis of compliant mechanical systems.