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Advanced noise reduction systems

Final Report Summary - CALM II (Advanced Noise Reduction Systems)

The focus of the CALM II project was directed towards further enhanced and cross-sectoral coordination of the European transport noise research facilitating the networking of organisations, the coordination of activities and the exchange and dissemination of knowledge. A further focus was the updating of the noise research strategy plan.

Therefore, the objectives of CALM II were:
- Improved coordination and information exchange between different sectors and stakeholders leading to synergy effects for RTD, a cost effective and cross-sector use of existing noise abatement technologies and new cooperation structures
- Identification of new technology requirements, remaining research needs and setting of targets
- Comparison of European with Third Country status
- Support of the European Commission in setting up the agenda for future transport noise policy
- Support of the Research Advisory Councils in creating a vision and Strategic Research Agenda for future transport research
- Active involvement of promising young researchers
- Dissemination of transport noise state-of-the-art to new member states
- Maintenance and update of CALM homepage and CALM project database
- Promotion / presentation of CALM at international events and via publications
- Stimulation of network-dynamics beyond FP6 (to FP7) to optimise synergies and efficiency of joint RTD and promote further research activities.

Essential elements of the execution of CALM were public workshops with researchers, project coordinators and other stakeholders. The workshops gave the opportunity for cross sectoral information exchange, promoting the coordination of European noise research, engaging young researchers, disseminating results of CALM and other European projects and elaborating new technology requirements and research needs on a broad basis of stakeholders. Five such workshops plus one final conference were organised and held by CALM within the project period of three years.

The strong involvement of the European Technology Platforms Errac, Ertrac ACARE and Waterborne was an important feature of the CALM work. It enabled to have the CALM results established on a broad basis and well coordinated with the strategic research agendas of the European Technology Platforms.

The work of CALM II resulted in the following main publishable outcomes.
- The interactive website http://www.calm-network was taken over from CALM (I) and adapted to the CALM II requirements including now also a public calendar with dates of CALM activities and other events like international conferences and congresses.
- The project database of CALM (I), a freely accessible inventory of noise research projects on the website, was taken over and updated continuously.
- The 'Blue Book', a booklet with a CD-ROM, is an inventory of most relevant European noise research projects. The CD contains the electronic version of the Blue Book as well as the complete CALM project database (with status of 31 March 2006) for off-line use. The Blue Book was issued in May 2006 with 2000 prints and distributed on workshops and conferences. It is also provided electronically on the CALM website.
- The CALM Strategy Paper representing the Noise Research Strategy Plan was updated twice, based on the edition of Oct. 2004. The first update was an electronic version published on the website in February 2007 for public review and feedback. The second update was issued in September 2007 as printed paper with 3000 prints. The Strategy Paper of September 2007 is to be distributed on workshops and conferences, is also available from the CALM coordinator (on request) and is provided electronically on the CALM website.
- The Strategy Paper of September 2007 titled 'Research for a Quieter Europe in 2020' is the most important result of CALM II. The paper describes the European strategy for future research in environmental noise covering the transport modes road, rail and air and the wide sector of outdoor equipment as the major sources of environmental noise. It includes the vision for less noise in 2020, the source-related research targets and technology road maps as well as the research requirements related to noise perception. In addition, the paper gives an overview of the environmental noise in Europe and the EU noise policy with its current legal framework.
- In October 2007, the final CALM Conference 'Research and Strategies for Less Noise in Europe' was held in Brussels in order to provide information on current noise research activities and the latest CALM noise research strategy presenting the new Strategy Paper of September 2007.
- All outcomes, workshop reports, presentations and papers mentioned above are available on the CALM website, in most cases under 'Public Reports & Information'.