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Isaac Newton Institute for mathematical sciences Marie Curie conferences and training courses, Framework 6 series two


The INIMS is an international research institute of outstanding reputation, covering the broad spectrum ofmathematical sciences. From 2005 to 2008 the Institute will hold a number of interdisciplinary programmesduring which Marie Curie Conferences and Trai ning Courses will take place. Those programmes approved todate for that period are Model Theory and Applications to Algebra and Analysis, Developments in QuantitativeFinance, Pattern Formation in Large Domains, Global Problems in Mathematical Relativity, P rinciples of theDynamics of Non-Equilibrium Systems, Logic and Algorithms, Spectral Theory and Partial Differential Equationsand Noncommutative Geometry. These and future programmes cover a large part of the science and technologyareas forming the seven th ematic priorities of FP6.Mathematics is a vital underpinning tool across all sciences of immense importance, and conferences held at theNewton Institute will encourage the development both of basic science and of new mathematical techniquesrelevant to esta blished scientific areas. A common theme of all these Newton Institute programmes will be theways in which mathematics is an essential component of scientific advances, in particular in priority areas for theEC.The objective is to ensure that the work of t he Institute, focussed in a theme at the conferences, is disseminatedmore widely in the European Community, and that more young people from across that community are given theopportunity to participate in workshops and seminars in a wide range of mathemati cally-related sciences. TheMC Conferences and Training Courses are linked by the fact that they all explore an important topic at thecutting edge of the mathematical sciences but it is expected that different scientists will attend each event andhence a la rge number of young people could be involved in the series as a whole, meeting a range ofdistinguished scientists from all over the world.

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