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Micro and nano deposition


Deposition of advanced materials for micro and nanosystems and surface processing (i.e.electrodeposition electrochemical machining, anodising, PVD, CVD) are a key technology in more than 30% of all industrial production such as corrosion prevention, elect ronics, automotive & aerospace, optics, micro-systems, telecommunication, biotechnology, biomedical sciences. Deposition processes offer various options for a cleaner environment via novel and miniature rechargeable batteries with high energy density, cleanup of soils and water, as well as processing of industrial wastes by membrane separations. EU was leader in this field, but has now an ancillary role versus research carried on in USA and Japan. Although fundamental knowledge in the field is up to now mainly based on EU achievements, the number of patents is now unbalanced in favour of these two countries. EU industry suffers of lack of knowledge on some important production processes. Combination of skills in physics and chemistry, engineering approac hes are needed to enter this interdisciplinary field. The proposed advanced training courses on Micro and nano deposition aim at revitalise EU research by giving to young EU researchers sound fundaments to comprehend the different deposition processes, met hods to approach new scientific and technological problems, overview on the different possible innovative applications; deep understanding of the correlation between the performance of new functional coatings and the structure obtained through controlled d eposition processes; disseminating knowledge on micro and nano defined devices; showing to the participants the variety of combined and integrated solutions available to obtain a functional coating capable to avoid environmental problems. Ultimate goal is to increase the knowledge of EU SMEs in the hi-tech field and to give a strong push up, starting new deals in the surface treatments field by the group of young researchers trained and the researches inspired by

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