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Current trends in mathematics: algebra, geometry, differential equations, numerical analysis, applications to biology


Five conferences will be organized on subjects of high current interest, in both pure and applied Mathematics, during 2005-2006. The place (Crete) is especially suitable for attracting participants from all over Europe and beyond. The main objective is the training of young researchers. The location (country-side, environment encouraging discussion and scientific contact) and size (60 persons) are very suitable for interaction and training. The local organisers have a long experience in organising conferenc es of similar type. The conferences are: Event 1: Nonlinear dispersive phenomena [July 9-15, 2005], organisers: J. Bonna (Illinois), V. Dougalis (Athens), J.C. Saut (Paris-sud), speakers: A. Fo kas (Cambridge), F. Merle (Cergy-Pontoise). Event 2: Number fields and curves over finite fields [July 23-29, 2005], organiser: R. Schoof (Rome), speakers: G. van der Geer (Amsterdam), D. Lorenzini (EPFL Lausanne), M. Tsfasman (Marseille). Event 3: Al gebraic and Geometric Combinatorics [August 20-26, 2005], organisers: V. Batyrev (Tubingen), M. Henk (Magdeburg), F. Santos (Cantabria), additional speaker: A. Bj¿rner (Stockholm), P. McMullen (London), G.Ziegler (Berlin). Event 4: Discontinuous change in behavior issues in partial differential equa tions [June10-16, 2006], organisers: I. Athanasopoulos (Crete), L.A. Cafarelli (Texas), speakers: J.L. Lebowitz (Rutgers), L. Ambrosio (Pisa), R. Nochetto (Maryland), A. Bressan (SISSA-Italy), I. Gamba (Texas), D. Christodoulou (ETH-Switzerland). Event 5: Which Mathematics for Biology [July 8-14, 2006], organisers: D. Manoussaki (Crete), B. Perthame (Paris), speakers: H. Ph. Maini (Oxford), H. Orthmer (Minnesota), F. Juelicher (Max Planck).

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/mathematics/applied mathematics/numerical analysis
  • /natural sciences/mathematics/pure mathematics/mathematical analysis/differential equations/partial differential equations

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