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Cultural diversity in Europe: a series of conferences


EURODIV aims to organise a series of five Conferences on the understanding of cultural diversity in Europe and the ways of dealing with diversity and its dynamics in the globalisation era. The analysis of (cultural) diversity in Europe and related issues i s now very high on the political agenda and is a most debated research area. However, the interdisciplinary feature of cultural diversity is rarely adequately reflected in the current training offer.

EURODIV events stand as the only existing academic and interdisciplinary-oriented series of Conferences in the field of European cultural diversity that centres on early-stage training of researchers. The project offers a highly valuable opportunity for young researchers and leading scientists to communicate in a spirit of mutual learning, providing an organised training at the frontiers of current research.

This is done by:
- providing a better understanding of cultural assets and of how their diversity contributes to human welfare;
- exploring cultural dialogue as a key mechanism through which cultural differences can be expressed and interact in a positive manner;
- providing a better understanding of the dynamics of cultural diversity in Europe and the world in relation to the process of globalisation.

Five themes have been identified to design a training and research path to improve understanding of cultural diversity: two wide Conferences (the first and last, 80-90 participants) and three thematic Conferences (30-40 participants). The three thematic events are training sessions on more specific subjects, including a knowledge-building session.

The events focus on the following issues respectively:
- Understanding Diversity, FEEM (6)
- Diversity in Organisations: Delineating Processes and Management Practices, K .U. Leuven (18)
- Diversity in Cities: Visible and Invisible Walls UCL (26)
- Diversity in Cities: New Models of Governance, IPRS (34)
- Dynamics of Diversity in the Globalisation Era, FEEM (42)

Field of science

  • /social sciences/sociology/globalization
  • /social sciences/other social sciences/social sciences interdisciplinary/sustainable development
  • /social sciences/sociology/governance

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Funding Scheme

SCF - Marie Curie actions-Series of events


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