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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Enhancing Russian SME collaboration and business development through communities of practice


Although the SME sector is vital for the sustainable development of the Russian economy, very little work is done on restructuring the Russian SME industrial sector in order to enhance its competitiveness in terms of better meeting customer needs, expandin g market opportunities, improving delivery performance etc. Similarly concepts like collaboration, learning through networking, knowledge sharing and intra- & inter-cultural transfer of management practices remain alien to many Russian SMEs. The VISION of RUSMECO is to explore and create a collaborative network supporting Russian SMEs in business development and collaboration, based on a detailed investigation of their political, cultural and economic context. This will be done based on an integrated ap proach, where instruments (methods, techniques and software tools) and training will be adapted, developed, applied and validated. The key focus is on restructuring the Russian industrial sector through enhancing the competitiveness of Russian SMEs on the national and international level. The RUSMECO Vision with its objectives directly supports the industrial objectives of expanding market opportunities, product range, increased (eco-) efficiency and enhanced responsiveness to better meet market demand and customer needs.The overall structure of the project is based on the classical "top-down" process model for development projects, starting with state-of-the-art in research and industry (WP 1) followed by solution package design (WP2). Research activities i n WP 3, 4 and 5 deal with further structuring and documentation of gained content, with the development of a learning environment, of collaboration structures and assessment indicators. WP6 will facilitate the Kick Off and operationalise the collaboration network. WP7 is dedicated to validation and adaptation of the RUSMECO solution package. WP8 comprises marketing, dissemination and exploitation activities. The project management will be done in WP9.

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