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Intelligent nanocomposite for bone tissue repair and regeneration


There are roughly 1 million cases in the USA and 1/2 million in EU of high skeletal defects a year. All of these cases require bone-graft procedures to achieve union, each of which require the surgeon to determine the type of graft material to be use. The toughest challenge appears when the size of the defect is too big and the reconstruction of this defect requires a bone graft capable of supplying similar physical properties and behavior to the bone being substituted. Unfortunately at this moment commerci al scaffolds can not satisfy the following issues: * To promote new bone formation in order to reduce the time of bone healing and decrease the vascular insult of the implant to the bone and cause less-stress shielding. * Mechanical properties that match t hose of human tissue to be regenerated during its new formation. * Regeneration of Large segment of implants. For patients who have lost large segments of bone due to a congenital defect, degenerative diseases, cancer or accident. Based on these basic need s to provide an ideal scaffold, the NANOBIOCOM project aims at establishing the scientific and technological basis for the development new "intelligent" composite scaffold for bone tissue repair and regeneration with the following issues: + Bioactive behavior capable of activating osteoprogenitor cells and genes and within an in vivo mileu provide the interface to respond to physiological and biological changes, + Mechanical and structural properties similar to a healthy bone. +Size and shape required for reconstructing big skeletal defects Concerning one potential application of the NANOBIOCOM project developments, it can be emphasized that the average age in Europe increases and aged people account for a higher proportion of the population, the nation can expect the $15 billion to $18 billion spent each for the treatment of bone and joint conditions to more than double as well.


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