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Lab-on-a-chip implementation of production processes for new molecular lmaging agents


A new breed of PET-imaging radiopharmaceuticals originating from the proteomic research is about to emerge, addressing major health concerns such as cancer treatment follow-up. Radiopharmaceuticals involve nano-molar quantities of active ingredients, which make the current radio-synthetic methods and device mostly inadequate to produce them. The availability of instruments scaled down to dimensions matching these quantities will be a major breakthrough. The objective of this proposal is to develop the knowl edge and technology required for the design of a radically new range of miniaturized instruments in order to implement multiple step radio-chemistry processes at the micro molar scale. The new platform will include a smart, single use lab-on-chip component , that integrates and combines micro-fluidic functions and specific chemical functions, in which the processes are carried out. Depending on the compound to be produced, the appropriate chip will be inserted into the instrument. This will provide considera ble benefits in terms of compounds quality, exposure of the operators, operation costs, reduction of waste, securing Europe's endangered leadership in this field. This project integrates and translates knowledge and expertise in a number of fields such as biotechnology, pharmacy, synthetic chemistry, radiochemistry, micro-fluidics and micro-fabrication, electronic and electromechanical miniaturisation. The needed leading edge skills will be properly ensured by Trasis who is experienced in such translational developments and in the production of such systems. The complementarities of the partners, their skills and the multidisciplinary approach ensure high chances of success:3 SMEs and 3 research centers, 4 countries, specialized in design and manufacturing o f tracer production instruments, PET radiochemistry, micro-fluidics design and fast micro-prototyping, micro-tech. simulation, micro-parts mass production and gluco-protein chemistry

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