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The aim of our proposal is to help regions analyze and implement regional innovation actions and schemes, the way they have been shaped by the regions and according to the priorities that have demonstrated. However, IMIS project will also try to advice r egions (without any political risk) to adopt actions and measures that promote the local knowledge base, and networking and bring on the surface the local tacit knowledge potential. Having worked for a long period in this area, the IMIS management team a nd experts group takes into consideration various factors in order to shape the main objectives of the IMIS proposal. These are: - To identify the local contact points for the implementation of the regional innovation measures - To identify the maturity level of the measures in order to propose the relevant expert work - To map the regional needs according to the proposed actions, maturity level political involvement and commitment, in collaboration with those developed the RIS-NACs Action Plans and the IRE secretariat. - To elaborate and create a continuously updated database of expertise and experts that could promote appropriate counseling schemes that helping towards the implementation of the actions. - To cover significant expert areas that show in creased density of counseling needs. These areas match with the proven track record of our experts in developing relevant innovation policy schemes in the EU and in transferring excellence among E.U. members and in NACS. - To support the counseling servic es with enriched activities, outside the core thematic expertise. Such activities are awareness raising, visiting schemes organization, project planning and organization (GOPP), events on regional entrepreneurship promotion etc. - To create a continuous mo mentum of information exchange and experts support and availability through online web support.

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