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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Regional innovation strategy project of the region Bucharest-Ilfov - Romania


The "RIS Bucharest-llfov" Project shall use the R!S approach and methodology in order to develop and improve the Regional innovation Strategy as well as the Regional Innovation Support System in the Bucharest-llfov Region of Romania, according to the actua l needs of existing small and medium sized enterprises, so that their innovative and competitive potential can be increased. The Bucharest-llfov Region comprises the capital town of Romania, Bucharest, and its industrial and rural surroundings. 54% of Roma nia's research facilities, as well as the largest Universities, are located within the Bucharest-llfov Region. The Project Coordinator, the Regional Development Agency Bucharest-llfov, will be supported by Regione Abruzzo of Italy, which has conducted a ve ry successful RIS project, focusing on the adaptation of the regional economy to the requirements of the global markets. This experience will be complemented by the specific RIS approaches of the participants regions Lazio and Campania (Italy) and Western Macedonia (Greece). Through the Department of Productive Activities, Regione Lazio - Italy's region where Rome is located - is member of the Thematic Network Innopolitan focusing on innovation in metropolitan areas: this experience shall be very useful for Bucharest-llfov, that on turn comprises the largest urban area of Romania. The participation in the project of the CRIMM Foundation, since 2000 (and until 2008) Coordinator of the Romanian Innovation Relay Centre, shall ensure appropriate synergies betwee n this project and the ongoing technology transfer activities. Consorzio Progetto Lazio '92 shall contribute the experience in implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy Project of the Region V - West of Romania, financed under the FP5. This Region al Innovation Strategy Project is considered by local public authorities an important element in supporting the ED accession process of the Bucharest-llfov Region.'

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