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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Regional innovation strategy development in Lithuania-innpulse region


The overall goal of RIS Lithuania is to elaborate innovation strategy development mechanisms, which enable to build Lithuania as one of most innovative regions in Europe. Specific objectives of the project are to develop a competitive innovation strategy f or Lithuania as a key element of EU Structural Funds programmes; to establish a sustainable, national partnership on innovation; to stimulate development of innovation support infrastructure; to increase quality of innovation in Lithuania by establishing m echanisms for sustainable cooperation with other European countries. The RIS Lithuania project will comprise three stages: Stage 0 - Definition stage. It will be used to set up the organizational structure of the project, to build regional consensus on the main objectives. Stage 1 - Analysis stage is the information gathering and assessment phase. Stage 2 - Strategy definition, evaluation, monitoring and implementation mechanisms, pilot projects stage is concerned with establishing regional priorities as a result of a regional debate. RIS Lithuania project builds on EU PHARE Twinning project "Innovation capacity" (carried out 2002-2004) helped in setting up a national innovation support network and to create a pipeline of innovation projects. The project is carried out by Lithuanian partners, representing Lithuanian scientific and business community, in partnership with Milan and Strathclyde regions. The main expected achievements are: (i) developed and agreed a competitive innovation strategy and key actions for Lithuania as a key element of EU Structural Funds programmes; (ii) established a sustainable, national partnership on innovation; (iii) stronger innovation support infrastructure; (iv) established mechanisms for sustainable cooperation with other Euro pean countries.

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