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Bansk bystricas regional innovation strategy


The overall goal of the RIS process in the region Banská Bystrica is the creation of an environment that is fruitful for innovation and entrepreneurship in order to provide the region with sustainable economic growth to raise welfare. To achieve this Envir onment, the existing institutions and organisations involved in the process are going to be integrated in collaborative network to reduce redundancies and make extensive use of synergy effects. The project will contribute to a more intensive use of state o f the art technology in the development of new products by the enhanced diffusion of Know - how. It will lead to an increase in competitiveness and their better success on the market. The RIS of Banská Bystrica region will help to develop the infrastruct ure facilitating innovative companies through the foundation of R&D Centre that will demonstrate new ways of SME´s innovation and growth direction and to the use of existing knowledge, known rules and techniques in new and improved products, processes and services for the needs and to the benefit of a man and society development. Moreover, the project will develop a framework for the cross fertilisation of ideas and transfer of strategies and models of good practice to Banská Bystrica region from EU Partner regions of Abruzzo, South Estonia and Nitra region and from other specifically selected EU experts who will bring a wider experience of RIS best practice. Achieving all this principles, which have a strong strategic dimension, cannot be implement ed within a year or two. Therefore, RIS can not be perceived as a project, abut also as a process. This means that the promoters of the RIS want to establish the mechanisms that will continually assess the actors and initiatives as well as the implementat ion of strategic economic development tools beyond the end of the programme and evaluating and fine-tuning those tools continuously throughout the process.

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