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T for the Black Sea region

Final Report Summary - ACTIONPLANBS (T for the Black Sea Region)

The main aim and goal of the project as stated in the contract was 'the preparation of an action plan in science and technology for the Black Sea countries and its adoption at the level of ministers responsible for research'.

The 'BSEC action plan on cooperation in science and technology' was adopted at the Conference of Ministers responsible for Research of the BSEC Member States. The European Commission was represented at this conference and participated also actively in all the preparatory and follow-up steps.

The action plan is based on the inventory of past activities and the analysis of the background material by the ICBSS, as well as on the in depth discussions during dedicated meetings of high-level officials.

As a follow-up activity a work programme was adopted only six months after the adoption of the action plan, on the basis of the collected information on planned and ongoing activities in the different countries.

Finally, the 'Workshop on policy issues in Science and technology (S&T)' brought together policy makers and experts from European Union (EU) that discussed and analysed many issues in that field that are included in the action plan as priorities to address. Their conclusions can be considered as a starting point for further action.

The adoption of the action plan constitutes a cornerstone in the cooperation among the BSEC member states and between BSEC and EU. Moreover and in addition to the intrinsic value of the action plan, the overall process (adoption and follow-up activities) highlighted the added value of the in-depth cooperation among the BSEC member states, of the catalytic role the ICBSS can play and of the importance of the international S&T cooperation activities of the European Commission (EC).