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Decision support system for the remediation of heavy Metals polluted ecoSystems


The goal of this project is to capitalise on the research experience acquired by the Marie Curie fellow and on our institutional experience by developing a decision support systems for metals polluted ecoystems. It would be a system for assisting in particular the decisions about the most appropriate site-specific remediation techniques. There are many socio-economic systems in Romania and Europe having metals polluted ecosystems in their ecological footprint, so the project goal has high societal relevance.

In order to reach the project goal we formulated the following objectives:
1) To develop a GIS database for the metals polluted sites in Romania,
2) To develop new knowledge concerning how phyto-and mycoremediation can be optimally coupled, and
3) To integrate the GIS database produced in objective 1, the new knowledge produced in objective 2 and the already existing knowledge in a decision support system (DSS).The objectives will be reached by four workpackages (WPs). WPO (data base and DSS) address objectives 1 and 3, and is fed with the results of WPs 1-3, which tackle with objective 2. WP1 deals with field monitoring, WP2 with a mezocosm experiment, and WP3 with a field experiment. The activities spread over 3 years. The project involves four scientists (including the researcher) and two technicians. Explicit deliverable and milestones are proposed for monitoring the project. The EC contribution would be 40000 Euros in the first year of the project.

The reintegration period will be highly beneficial to the researcher career because the project fits with the researcher profile: WPs 1-3 are a direct transfer of expertise from the post-doc activity to the University of Bucharest. The potential for professional integration an long-term job stability is high because she worked for more than 13 years at the University of Bucharest, and the market for heavy metals research will notably increase after the integration of Romania in EC.

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