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Groundwater Artificial recharge Based on Alternative sources of wateR: aDvanced INtegrated technologies and managEment

Final Report Summary - GABARDINE (Groundwater artificial recharge based on alternative sources of water: Advanced integrated technologies and management)

The GABARDINE international research project aimed to:

1. explore the viability of supplementing existing water resources in semi-arid areas with alternative sources of water that could be exploited based on an integrated water resources management approach
2. investigate the feasibility of using aquifers as the primary factor for large scale storage of alternative water sources
3. develop investigation techniques for artificial recharge and injection of the produced alternative water, including monitoring of water quality and purification by natural attenuation and filtration processes
4. evaluate and quantify the potential impact of degrading factors, such as climate change, changes in water quality, salt water intrusion etc. on the usability of the resources through the development of tools for risk mapping, modelling and monitoring
5. propose measures for preventing, minimising and mitigating the impact of such factors.

In order to achieve the abovementioned goals a research strategy along lines of action with partial objectives was established and implemented successfully, leading to various exploitable outcomes. Amongst them was the development of innovative modelling tools, the realisation of a series of laboratory tests and the evaluation of the alternative options in selected test sites, which were analysed in detail in order to promote tailored proposals towards the objectives' achievement. In addition, databases summarising the produced information were developed, while the project outcomes were disseminated to scientific communities and end users.

It was estimated that the innovative approaches towards vulnerability and impact assessment, as well as the designed novel modelling and analysis tools, would offer support to numerous planners and end users, thereby contributing to the achievement of regional, national and international water management objectives. Therefore, GABARDINE was anticipated to have a significant impact on the water sector in semi-arid regions.