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Researchers in society (RISE)


The aim of 'Researchers in Society' (RISE) is to increase the value that society places on the work and lives of researchers. It recognises that the numbers of researchers in Europe, on the supply side, is low in comparison to the demand from an enhanced E uropean Research Area, and that the reasons for this are uneasiness about career prospects on the part of young researchers, and how society perceives them. A number of specific activities are proposed that will make researchers feel more valued, namely (1 ) Cafe scientifiques, where the public can hear about and discuss the work of researchers (2) Science at schools, where schoolchildren can learn about current research and the people who do it, (3) Youth conferences, and (4) Social evenings for young, fore ign researchers working in the UK, through the Network UK mobility centres. These activities, and their associated media plans, will be run by British Council offices situated in the Member States and candidate countries. RISE is proposed as part of a broa der awareness-raising campaign that is the initiative Researchers in Europe, improving public perceptions of the role of researchers.'

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