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Biosensors based on membrane organisation to replace animal testing


The ultimate goal is the development and validation of alternative techniques to replace animal testing in procedures concerning drug screening and environmental control. The first step is the organisation of a Specific Support Action that brings together fragmented industrial and academic research groups in a Strategic Meeting. In this meeting a powerful platform in biophysical chemistry and biosensor technology will be formed. A prospective analysis will be outlined for future developments of membrane-based biosensors validated by comprehensive inter-calibration techniques. A Work Programme consisting of a set of Work Packages will be produced, with the aims to channel the original research into useful economic and society benefits, which will support the Amsterdam Protocol on animal protection and welfare, 1986. The Directive states in Article 7: An experiment shall not be performed if another scientifically satisfactory method of obtaining the result sought, not entailing the use of an animal, is reasonably and practicably available. Almost 17 years have elapsed since the Amsterdam Protocol was written and since that time research on supported lipid membranes has become increasingly intense. Highly selective biomimetic membranes are now available for biosensing applications in general and for replacement of animal testing in particular. This will increase the options of meeting the requirements in Article 7 above and even carry them further. The participating research groups from Europe, Israel and USA, are centres of excellence in membrane and peptide production, biosensing, physicochemical modelling, surface characterisation, polymer technologies, bioassay techniques and multivariate calibration. The participating industries represent leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies using cutting-edge multivariate calibration techniques. The combination is unique and therefore the project has the potential to become world leading in this particular field.

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