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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Advanced Information Management System


The AIMS project aims to develop an advanced knowledge management system for the more efficient handling of complex information structures. It will consist of an object-based representation language coupled with databases and equipped with a set of tools for knowledge-base construction and access.

Its central core consists of a knowledge representation (BACK) system with an expressive high-level access language, a hybrid reasoning system managing classes under the paradigm of terminological reasoning, and components for assertions and rules. A conceptually oriented coupling of the representation system with a conventional database system interface and integration with advanced persistency techniques are foreseen.

In order to reuse existing information sources, methods and tools for the integration of databases with conventional structures are under investigation. A management component for multimedia objects and its integration with the representation system is being designed and implemented.

The research-oriented results will be transformed into the final working environment, which focuses on efficiency in implementation. Tools for knowledge-base access are also being developed, taking into account the specific needs of the access language and the knowledge-base structure.

The results of AIMS are being proved for quality and validity on the basis of real application requirements. Target applications are intelligent information systems characterised by complex object descriptions and rich deductive interrelations, such as collaborative, distributed system design and software engineering, and office automation.


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