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Content archived on 2019-03-15

eContent exposure and business opportunities


eEBO aimed to establish and co-ordinate a set of communication strategies, ranging from PR through mass media to one-to-one communication, in order to ensure the maximum impact and widest possible involvement of the target groups of the eContent programme and its projects. Consequently eEBO served as the prime PR and mass media communications service for the digital content players and projects funded under the eContent programme.

A strong, targeted and effective awareness/dissemination campaign accompanied the programme participants' activities in order to create a high return on the European investment in the programme. The campaign was aimed at providing the programme participants with a platform to reach a wide but well-defined target audience.

A layered and cascaded strategy for reaching the target communities in different ways, using various proactive and interactive channels and media, ensured effective awareness raising and dissemination at Programme level as well as dissemination and full sharing of results and methodologies at Project level.

Associated Measures such as Content Village (PICK) cover part of the facilities needed for such a strategy. The eEBO project intended to fill the current gaps and complemented the existing measures and means currently available to the programme participants.

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