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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Copyright in Transmitted Electronic Documents


The CITED project is based on the needs of the information industry to safeguard copyright material stored and transmitted in digital form, and thus overcome the reluctance of copyright holders to commit their works to a form which is capable of rapid and accurate copying and thus highly susceptible of piracy.
The copyright in transmitted electronic documents (CITED) project is based on the needs of the information industry in Europe to safeguard copyright material stored and transmitted in digital form. An in depth user survey has been carried out in consultation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and most of the relevant standardization bodies, with particular reference to the problems introduced by digital technology. This was supplemented by a detailed comparative study of the current and developing legal position on a country/topic basis. Based on the User Functional Requirement Survey (UFRS), CITED built a generic model applicable to the different business domains. The model considers that copyright protection has to integrate the information actor chain as a whole, to protect primary as well as the secondary information, to secure mass production processes, to be as transparent as possible with the existing processes, to be applicable in any European Community country in conformity with national copyright legislation, and to be sufficiently flexible regarding the business strategies of the information makers and users.
The model defines distributed components that will be transparently located at the user level, at the information system level and wherever there is a relationship among the users, the distribution system and the information system, and provides countermeasures to various piracy acts. The model is implemented and tested for 2 demonstrators, which embody the distributed components in specified environments within the information industry. From the demonstrators, hardware and software products will be developed. The first demonstrator is based on an online system for supplying downloaded document images from a digital store (ADONIS), and is designed to demonstrate in practical form the control of a user's ability to utilize these images. The second demonstrator is developed in the field of digital audio recording (DAT) to study t he very different technical and commercial situation where information is transmitted on a physical carrier to a large general public.
CITED is concerned with the expansion of the committed information to digital storage, which is currently severely restricted by fears on the part of the copyright owners that they will loose effective control over their intellectual property. This fear severely curtails the commercial exploitation of copyrighted informations.

CITED aims to cover the needs of both users and information providers across the areas of software, data/databases, information bases, electronic publishing, video/TV, and audio recording. The CITED solutions aim to be carried out across national boundaries, and to be applicable for all national legislations.


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