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Design and Implementation of CNMA-Based Networks for CIM Applications in SMEs


The objectives of this exploratory action are to:

- identify the potential for the application of CNMA in SMEs
- define the actions needed to encourage SMEs to accept CNMA and to exploit it successfully.

Although the standards, services and functions of CNMA communications technology are available, they have not been exploited to their full potential by SMEs.

This study aims to define a common modelling environment and provide implementation guidelines for the introduction of CNMA.

The main tasks of the project team are to:

- examine the migration paths and strategies needed for SMEs to migrate to CNMA
- investigate the work needed in the field of integrated CIM system design in terms of modelling, tools, databases and formats, application development and integration, and their supporting environments
- examine a pilot CNMA programme at a SME and outline the weaknesses of CNMA found by this SME
- examine the modelling techniques needed to generate a CNMA information model and outline the guidelines needed to implement the model.


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Participants (1)

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung eV (FhG)
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