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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Open Standard for Multimedia Optical Storage Environments


OSMOSE-1 is a preparatory action for a large-scale project aiming at an open standard for interactive multimedia applications, based on existing and emerging optical storage (CD) technologies.
Interactive multimedia compact discs will soon play an important role. A new publishing industry sector will emerge, in which Europe can play a leading role by exploiting both its technological and cultural strengths. In order to streamline the widespread uptake of the new medium and to optimise the changes for European business, it is essential to harmonise the requirements of all parties involved. The project aims at building bridges between technology providers and technology users. Its main charter is to create optimal conditions for developers and publishers of interactive multimedia titles. Therefore, it is a strongly market driven project.
The full-scale project will result in a high-level Application Programming Interface (API) for CD-based interactive multimedia applications. The API will enable the development of multimedia applications (CDs) which can be used on a variety of platforms (operating systems, processors, CD peripherals). In addition to enabling portability, the API will facilitate continuity (ie independence from new releases of hardware or software) and flexibility (allowing third parties to tailor or to add functionality to applications).

The preparatory action, OSMOSE-1, is focused on the requirements analysis for the API from various different perspectives. It addresses:

- related ongoing work in multimedia application standards
- constraints, requirements and trends in multimedia system platforms (hardware, system software, UIMS, DBMS)
- requirements and trends in multimedia end-user applications, especially for education, training and the home
- requirements and trends in multimedia authoring and tailoring tools.

Special attention will be given to the involvement of potential users of the API and related tool platforms through the organisation of a seminar on the state of the art in multimedia computing and of a publishers' and end-users' workshop.


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