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Low Cost Tools for Secure and Highly Available VoIP Communication Services


VoIP technologies are very similar in their nature to web and email services. This is due to the fact that VoIP services are based on standardized and open technologies using servers reachable through the Internet, implemented in software and provided over general purpose computing hardware. Therefore, such services suffer from similar security threats such as denial of service attacks and the unavailability of the services due to network, hardware of software failures in SNOCER we will be investigating approaches for overcoming temporal failures and ensuring the high availability of the offered VoIP services based on low cost distributed concepts. That is instead of relying solely on expensive hardware and multiple network connections as is the case today in PSTN networks, in SNOCER we will be investigating the possibility of providing highly reliable services based on cooperation between independent providers in a manner ensuring the privacy and security of the customers and providers. In this context denial of service and intrusion detection tools will be developed that allow VoIP providers to monitor their infrastructure, detect irregularities and specify rules and actions that should be automatically executed for handling such cases. This will then be coupled with strategies to achieve high available VoIP infrastructures in a secure and low cost manner with SNOCER, a number of concepts, solutions and tools will be developed that will provide the involved SMEs with the technical basis for offering cutting edge solutions which they can deploy in their respective markets. While primarily benefiting the involved SMEs, the results of the project will help in advancing the deployment of VoIP technologies in general. The consortium is a healthy mixture of SMEs covering the areas of VoIP service and solution provisioning, security and system integration as well as reputed research organizations with long experience in the areas of security and VoIP

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