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Intelligent NeighbourhooD Energy Allocation & Supervision

Description du projet

ICT for energy-positive neighbourhoods

IDEAS aims to illustrate how communities, public authorities and utility companies across the EU can be engaged in the development and operation of energy positive neighbourhoods and the economic and environmental benefits of doing so. To this end IDEAS will demonstrate how energy positive neighbourhoods can be cost effectively and incrementally implemented by designing, testing and validating:•\ta neighbourhood energy management tool to optimise energy production and consumption;•\tuser interfaces that engage communities and individuals in the operation of energy positive neighbourhoods;•\ta decision support urban planning tool to optimise the planning of neighbourhood energy infrastructures;•\tbusiness models to underpin energy positive neighbourhoods that engage end users, public authorities and utility companies.
The tools and business models developed will be demonstrated in two neighbourhoods: a University campus in France and a newly built residential area in Finland.
The neighbourhood energy management tool will enable intelligent energy trading and operation of equipment and buildings along with local energy generation and storage. It will consist of:•\tan internet-based infrastructure to manage real-time information flows;•\tan optimisation and decision support system for the management of energy production and consumption;•\tdata management and storage services.
The user interfaces will use mixed reality technologies to provide intuitive environments that engage casual users and in doing so improve their energy literacy and energy consuming behaviours.
The decision support urban planning tool will be designed to inform the future development plans for neighbourhood energy infrastructures. It will be used to illustrate how the progress towards energy positive neighbourhoods achieved at the demonstration sites can be further advanced.
Appropriate business models for the demonstration cases will be developed and how different utility industry structures and property markets impact on the viability of those business models in different EU countries will be identified.

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