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IRB Barcelona International Postdoctoral Programme 2.0

Final Report Summary - IRBPOSTPRO2.0 (IRB Barcelona International Postdoctoral Programme 2.0)

The project (IRBPostPro2.0) (IRB Barcelona International Postdoctoral Programme 2.0) was launched to consolidate the IRB Barcelona postdoctoral strategy, which started in 2009. It aims at attracting highly talented scientists seeking advanced research training and career development opportunities in a competitive international environment. We offer postdoctoral fellows an optimal scientific environment to prepare them on their journey to take up positions as independent scientists. Obtaining the IRBPostPro2.0 allowed IRB Barcelona to achieve the following objectives:
• To provide an optimal scientific environment for 17 researchers at a critical time in their career.
• To prepare the fellows to take up positions as independent scientists in laboratories across the world.
• To highlight the attractiveness of our Institute to high-talented scientists.
• To increase European-wide mobility possibilities of researchers.
• To foster the collaboration between groups at IRB Barcelona.

The programme was implemented through three calls: Two ordinary calls in 2013 and 2015, in which 8 and 7 fellows, respectively, were recruited, and an extraordinary call in 2016 in which two additional fellows obtained a 1-year fellowship.
The three calls were published and disseminated in online recruitment services, scientific journals, posters and by email. The call was published on IRB Barcelona website:
Fellows were selected through an international committee of experts, ensuring transparency and equal treatment of all applications. Postdoctoral fellows under the COFUND contribution carried out their research projects in one of IRB Barcelona’s research programmes, and worked on a research project of their choice. This programme contributed to the development of the fellows’ career, and to the biomedical sciences in general.
The webpage launched specifically for the IRB Barcelona postdoctoral community, provides information about the programme's activities and performance.

This programme has offered young life scientists a unique and multidisciplinary scientific environment for training and research. The postdoctoral community is currently the component of the IRB Barcelona with the highest international presence (51% of the postdoctoral community) thanks the International Postdoctoral Programmes launched within the COFUND action.

In conclusion, IRBPostPro2.0 helped IRB Barcelona make significant contributions to the career development of 17 highly talented scientists and, in turn, to the field of biomedical sciences in general.
For more contact details, you can visit the specific webpage for the project: or contact the email address: