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Electrospun functionalized nano-materials for ultra-compact de-NOX SCR system in naval shipping


The BLUESHIP project aims to realise an innovative de-NOx Selective Catalytic Reactor (SCR) specifically tailored to the shipping industry, based on electrospun ceramic fibers tailored in designed textures modules. In fact the monolithic design currently in use for SCR imply a very large volume of reaction and heterogeneous reaction yields and rates in the different parts of the reactor. On the other hand, electrospun fibers allow to achieve a dramatic dramatic increase of the exposed active area in the SCR reactor, higher yield of the NH3-NoX reaction and optimization of the fluid-dynamics and gas conversion. This will in turn make it possible to achieve: a reduction of the size and weight of the De-NOx SCR of 50% with respect to state of the art SCR, for installation and retrofit in existing ships and for possible integration into De-Sox units; reduce the consumption, need of purchase and costs of reactant (ammonia or urea) of 20%; reduce the installation costs of 20%; reduce operation and maintenance costs of 15%.

The project is promoted by Akretia, who is mother company of the leader in the manufacturing of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for the shipping industry, LINARI, manufacturer of electrospinning equipments and STOGDA, engineering company specialised in naval architecture and design. The possibility to achieve a complete, integrated, light and compact EGCS for DeSOx and DeNOx would represent a milestone in the exhaust treatment for the naval industry and proposers would gain an outstanding market position worldwide, also considering that new technology will allow the shipping industry to comply with the upcoming NOx and SOx limits imposed by the IMO 2016. The potential profits from the BLUESHIP have been estimated to amount to 7,2 M€/y after 3 years from the commercialization, not considering possible application to other sectors (automotive, biomass boilers, and thermoelectric power plants).

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