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Current research in Biomedical Imaging & Informatics (BI&I) is driven by the interaction of the natural sciences, informatics & engineering, and medicine. Education and training of early stage researchers (ESR) is, however, often still centred within only one of these domains, resulting in researchers often neither acquiring necessary knowledge of clinical needs, nor sufficient understanding of disciplines beyond BI&I.
Furthermore, ESR working in BI&I still face a ‘cultural gap’ between natural sciences and informatics & engineering with the natural sciences achieving innovation by basic research and informatics & engineering approaching this through technological applications. However, the traditional separation into disciplines and cultures breaks up once the researcher is faced with biomedical questions. An interdisciplinary education, solid knowledge of areas adjacent to the core research field, as well as business competences are therefore the keys to successful, innovative research and excellent science.
The proposed IDP BERTI aims to meet all these new requirements. BERTI will establish an interdisciplinary and intersectoral European network of computer scientists, natural scientists, engineers, clinicians, and partners from industry, hence meeting the objectives of the EU Innovation Union “to attract and train young people to become researchers and offer internationally competitive research careers to keep them in Europe and attract the best from abroad.” Each ESR will be assigned one academic, one medical supervisor, as well as a mentor from our industry partner GE Global Research, ensuring perfect training for both an academic and industry career.
Due to the truly interdisciplinary nature of BERTI, we feel that an evaluation on a solely natural science/engineering basis will not suffice to grasp the full extent of BERTI. Therefore, we kindly ask that the life science and medical aspects of our proposal be given due attention during the evaluation process.

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