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Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency


Today trucks are designed and optimised towards a limited variance set of usage and for maximum payload. Future trucks-trailers are easily adaptable for each freight, load and mission. And, in the operation phase, the vehicle combination automatically adjusts itself to the actual driving environment (i.e. traffic situation, topology, and payload). This option has large potential to contribute to the achievement of the EC’s targets for reducing the consumption of fossil energy resources, increasing transport - and fuel efficiency.

The objective of the project is to develop and demonstrate innovative and energy efficient trucks and load carriers for long distance transport assignments with an improved load efficiency leading to an overall 25% less energy consumption on a basis and a lower impact on the road infrastructure.

This is achieved by the CONCEPT proposed that is based upon the following key innovations:
1. A distributed, modular, and mission adaptable Hybrid-on-Demand (HoD) driveline concept that is applicable to both, existing and future trucks,
2. A pre-standard electric Hybrid-on-Demand Framework that supports a broad market introduction of hybrid commercial vehicles and provides planning certainty for future RTD activities.
3. Mission-based configurable aerodynamic overall truck-trailer design (toolbox);
4. Loading efficiency optimised trailer interior design (toolbox);

TransFormers focus on achieving these key innovations within the existing European legal and regulatory framework in terms of dimensions, weight and loads.

The main results of the project will be:
- Key performance indicators and use cases
- Holistic simulation study results for the design of the Hybrid on demand driveline concepts and use for optimal component selection
- HoD driveline concept defined, implemented and demonstrated in truck (semi) trailers
- Tool box with a set of aerodynamic solutions and trailer concepts for optimised transport efficiency (loading)

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