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Safety Enhancements in transport by Achieving Human Orientated Resilient Shipping Environment


"Within the aeronautical industry it is critical to have safe and reliable operations in order to prevent accidents and mistakes which can potentially cause a huge loss of life and destruction. In this respect, the aeronautical industry has led the way in terms of understanding and implementing tools, methodologies and systems to combat human error within a system. One such principle which has been highlighted as being particularly successful is the integration and adoption of resilience engineering principles. Resilience engineering within the aeronautical industry has been very useful on board aircraft where the number of accidents and incidents have been shown to decrease through the utilisation of resilience engineering.

In order to achieve successful transfer and implementation of the proven resilience engineering concepts and tools from the aeronautical industry to marine transport, a systematic approach needs to be adopted. Therefore, within the SEAHORSE project it is our aim to TRANSFER the effective and successful safety concepts utilised in the aeronautical industry, adapting and tailoring them to the unique needs of marine transport in the following manner:

Firstly, the best practices in aeronautical industry with regard to managing errors and non-standard practices will be identified. Then, the current practices in marine transport will be assessed and gap analysis in order to identify any potential gaps that may affect the successful implementation of safety management will be conducted. Finally, a ‘Multi-level Resilient Marine Transport Framework’ will be developed through the adaptation of the identified resilience engineering principles of the aeronautical industry to the unique needs of marine transport.

Through the concepts of the SEAHORSE project it is envisaged that more resilient and safer shipping operations will be achieved."

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