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Management and Authenticity Verification of multimedia contENts


The MAVEN project will focus on the development of a set of tools for multimedia data management and security. More specifically, MAVEN objectives will be centered on two key concepts, “search” and “verify”, integrated in a coherent manner; MAVEN will first search for digital contents containing “objects” of interest (e.g. a face appearing on CCTV, or a specific logo appearing in the news). Once those objects are retrieved, MAVEN will apply advanced forensic analysis tools to verify their integrity and authenticity.
Despite the advances in the Security and Media sectors, MAVEN arises from the need of providing such industries with a suite of advanced technological solutions able to operate in a range of realistic scenarios (CCTV, web images, broadcast data, etc). Moreover, the “search and verify” concept is not supported in an integrated manner by any tool currently available in the market. The MAVEN suite will provide significant benefits:
  1) Comprehensiveness: MAVEN will integrate 7 different technologies into a unique “toolbox”, providing both efficient search capabilities and solutions for guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of digital contents.
  2) Robustness: In contrast to current solutions, the MAVEN suite will be designed to provide robustness in realistic scenarios through the use of state-of-the-art algorithms and methodologies.
As a consequence, MAVEN will significantly increase the competitiveness of the SMEs involved in the project, both on their respective markets as well as on secondary sectors where the developed technologies can be applied. The project results will allow SMEs, law enforcement bodies, press agencies, insurance companies, and broadcasting companies, among others,  to manage their multimedia assets and verify the integrity and authenticity in an efficient and scalable manner.

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Noroeste Galicia Pontevedra
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Luis Perez-Freire (Dr.)
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