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A new concept in zeolite catalysis: Morphology induced shape selectivity


Zeolites are crystalline aluminosilicates and have been used as catalysts within refining and hydrocarbon conversion processes since the 1960s. In addition to possessing strong Brønsted acidity, zeolites are microporous materials, having regular pores channels and cavities of molecular dimensions. These materials therefore possess shape selectivity for chemical reactions. Nevertheless, insufficiently shape selective catalyst, leading to rapid deactivation and unselective production, is a major obstacle for improved and new zeolite based industrial processes.

The scientific vision of ZeoMorph is to establish a new concept within shape selective zeolite catalysis - morphology induced shape selectivity, wherein the shape selective properties will be determined primarily by particle morphology and not framework topology. The concept will be demonstrated by synthesis of series of catalysts having systematic morphological properties, which will be examined as catalysts in industrially relevant hydrocarbon conversion processes.

This ambitious vision will be met by bringing together leading European groups within physical and inorganic chemistry. The catalysis research group at the University of Oslo (UiO) in Norway and Danish industrial partner Haldor Topsøe (HTAS) based in Lyngby near Copenhagen are full network participants. Research groups at the University of Torino (UniTo, Italy) and Aarhus (AU, Denmark) with unique competence within spectroscopy and computational chemistry will be associated partners in the project.

The ZeoMorph early stage researchers will spend 50% of their time in the industrial sector at HTAS and the remaining time will be divided between extended stays at the partner academic host UiO and 3 month stays at the associated partners. This network will educate 5 ph.d. candidates with unique multi-faceted emphasis on world leading basic research, industrial innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Anne Margit Arntzen (Mrs.)
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Eric Törnqvist (Dr.)