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"""Virtual vials"" for enhanced biomolecular analysis"


We propose an EID between Technion and IBM–Zurich, aimed at developing novel tools for biomolecular analysis and training the next generation of scientists and engineers who likely will translate the technologies and discoveries into practical use for the benefit of society and EU hi-tech sector.

In vitro diagnostics is experiencing critical shifts in paradigms with a growing market which encompasses clinical laboratory tests, point-of-care devices, and basic research aimed at understanding the origin of diseases and developing improved testing and treatments. The development of novel tools, which enable increased analysis speeds, higher sensitivity, higher throughput, miniaturization, and portability are essential for enabling discoveries and providing better care for patients.

We here propose three distinct yet synergistic projects for advancing biomolecular analysis. Each project is intended as a PhD project that integrates specific skills and know-how from both PIs and their respective institutes. The uniting theme of the projects is the use of microfluidics and isotachophoresis (ITP) to enable precise transport, focusing, and control of samples within micron-sized channels. ITP is an electrophoresis technique which allows focusing of species of interest on an electric field. Using ITP we create ~10 pL zones in which sample is focused, reacted or mixed. We term this concept “virtual vials”, and will combine theory, computation, and experimentation to create:

1. “PCR shuttle” - a new method and device for rapid amplification of nucleic acids
2. “Open space concentrator” - a new method and device for bioanalysis of tissue sections
3. “low-voltage open-channel immunoassay” - a new method and device for point-of-care immunodiagnostics

We strongly believe that students graduating from our joint Technion-IBM programme will be uniquely situated to lead, innovate, and collaborate on technological innovation in the European Community.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Mark Davison (Mr.)

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Catherine Trachsel (Mrs.)